What worries you the most about your project?

Turn-Key Project Managers is a group of professionals in the design and the management of turn-key projects, both nationally and internationally.

Project specialists for Pharmaceutical Industry and related.
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Veterinary Industry
  • Medical Devices industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Fine Chemical Industry
Project managers, Installation managers, engineers, pharmacists and other specialists working for your project.
TKPM’s services are structured in what we consider to be the three main phases of the projects:
  • Design phase
  • Execution phase
  • Quality control phase
TKPM considers three levels of turn-key projects to which we provide services:
  • Production project
    Process equipment, clean rooms, clean services, etc.
  • Production + Services Project
    The above plus industrial equipment and systems, like steam, cooling water, compressed air, etc.
  • Production + Services + Civil Works project
    The above plus building structure, enclosures, services, etc.
After many years managing projects in developing areas for third companies, we realized that despite being carrying out projects with a social nature, its focus was still to achieve immense industrial benefits.

We do not agree with this method. We do not agree with this method. We understand that part of our work is social work targeted towards the less developed areas. For that reason, we invest our time and resources in creating standard projects (R & D), with the aim of being more efficient as well as reducing project costs to the maximum.

In this way, we can successfully implement production lines for basic medicines, in places where up until now it was not viable, thus making a small contribution towards a more sustainable world.